Explore Orange Flowers, Applique, and more!

Orange Flower Folk Heart Available In Both Applique and Stitched

Add floral to love with this Orange Flower Folk Heart machine embroidery design!

Attractive Flower Object Machine Embroidery Design

Make your projects eye-catching with this Attractive Flower Object machine embroidery design!

Broderie quotidienne

Make your projects starry this Christmas with this Gingerbread Cookie Star machine embroidery design!

{Downloaded Under- StitchedClockKittyPES.zip K.H.}  Stitched 5_5

Stitch out this Clock Kitty machine embroidery design and wake up with a meow!

Modern Daisy Circular Pattern (Z)-5_5

Make your projects full of bright daisy when you stitch out this Modern Daisy Circular Pattern machine embroidery design!

{Food-Stitched SititchedStrawberryPES.zip K.H.}  Stitched Strawberry Stitched 5

Create a luscious decor with this Stitched Strawberry machine embroidery design!

Romantic Mr Mouse

Add a dose of sweetness to your projects with this Romantic Mr Mouse Flower machine embroidery design!

Baby’s First Easter 5_5 inch

Cheers to the first and more Easter to come with this Baby's First Easter machine embroidery design!

Christmas Boy Angel 5_5 inch

Add a handsome touch to your projects when you stitch out this Christmas Boy Angel machine embroidery design!

Deer Flower Horn Buds Stitched 5_5 Inch

Stitch out this Deer Flower Horn Buds machine embroidery design and make your projects blooming!

Hipster Badge Mustache Machine Embroidery Design

Add a hipster appeal to your projects with this Hipster Badge Mustache machine embroidery design!

Broderie quotidienne

Do great things with this Star Fishing Mouse machine embroidery design!