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There's some breakage there but he's too strong to think about it.


Chema Madoz biography - It takes a clever mind and great skills to deceive people's eye. Chema Madoz uses photography to create optical illusions.

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Riddle me this, Batman: why are people so idiotic?

Tumblr Tuesday 7-19

A human finger would not be able to withstand the blast of explosive gun powder. Most grown humans fingers wouldn't fit in a 'shoot hole'. Don't take life advice from someone who calls the barrel of a gun a 'shoot hole'.


Limited edition fine art prints, signed and numbered by artist Ramsey Dau. Exclusive to Poster Child Prints.

"Is that really necessary?" "Yes, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places after all."

Location: Thane is a bit paranoid. I mean, so is Corisande, but she doesn't use Dove shampoo. It cannot handle her insane curls. It would be on the floor nearby, hidden.

Stacked and piled to the brim

experience winter in another country

Ívarr looked at her with quiet interest, watching her dance on the snow. You can dance by yourself pretty well" "Don´t be boring, just come"