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DanceTale (+ nice joke about using balet clothes as sunflower petals 😂)

Gives you Hell Animation Shots by s0s2.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | Undertale

For who wanted to see the single shots Animation: Gives you Hell Animation Shots

Sans and Frisk - comic

Sans and Frisk Undertale "The old whoopie cushion trick, never gets old"

Pap: OH MY GOD HUMAN! WHAT WAS THAT? Sans: uhh... umm... k-kid? *slowly dies*

sans-loves-frisk: pyon-suki: I am Undertale trash now Right in da feels!

undertale, undyne ---- more evidence that I am the human version of Undyne

Undyne doesn't fight Papyrus because she is afraid of what Sans will do to her if she hurts him

I saw a spider

LOL. Look at this

undertale, sans, undertalesans, gaster, undertalegaster>>> I don't blame sans.