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Cidate Draws! — I haven’t animated anything in ages so uh.. It’s...

I haven’t animated anything in ages so uh.

I CAN NAME EVERY CHARACTER (Well, all the ones that have names)

I slaved over this for 3 days. I drew every undertale character (excluding Asriel’s final boss form, Undyne the Undying, .

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Read Chara's Plan from the story Corruption [Reaper!

Seems like Chara's drunk again...

Seems like Chara's drunk again; Frisk is like "Omg. Where's my keys? And Asriel is like "Chara, not in front of the people. I don't have candies for everybody"

No Frisk... But I guess you can't kiss someone who's only a voice in your head... (Chara, I'm talking​ about Chara)

I'm old enough, damn it Woman! by asianpie Sans x Frisk <<< I find it funny but it makes me feel uncomfortable. << I don't ship Sans x Frisk either but god dammit XD

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What if Frisk actually needs glasses? Like the purple soul? And that's why her eyes are squinty?