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How to Carve Roast Unicorn

Little video game books by Joey Spiotto. They're not actually books, but he does sell prints of the fake book covers on Etsy. Good for hanging in lil nerd bedrooms.

Bioshock fan art

"Under the Sea with Mister B!" - BioShock Australian illustrator DrFaustusAU created a series of video games imagined in the style of Dr.


40 sublimes affiches alternatives sur l'univers de Zelda

Check out these adorable "Little Video Game Books" Nintendo inspired prints by Joebot




DeviantART user and Australian artist ‘DrFaustusAU’ reimagines some of the creepiest characters in film and video games in the adorable and totally non-tra


giclee x 10 incheslimited edition of and numbered on back of print Inspired by Mortal Kombat

Video Game Logic - Bioshock infinite

Video Game Logic - Probably repost but screw it.

Assault a person guards come Guards: Stop in the name of the law Assault live stock guards aim to kill

Funny The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim memes

Skyrim - - HAHA I have totally thought the same thing.he even said that once when I had an arrow sticking out of my head!<--- Arrow to the knee is a way of saying that they got married

I am more than just some geek. I am a gamer. A gamer without a life because I did it all

I am more than just some geek.

Funny pictures about More than just a geek. Oh, and cool pics about More than just a geek. Also, More than just a geek.

To help put your problems into perspective, Portal 2!

Portal Glados when she was installed in a potato. Coolest potato battery I've ever seen

My mind has been blown...- i can't wait to explain this when people ask about my shirt

My mind has been blown...