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NPR Ed Teachers Respond: Veteran Teachers Cry In Their Cars Too Our story on the struggles of first-year teachers caught the attention of a lot of people. Teachers shared advice, personal experiences and encouragement.

Teachers Respond: Veteran Teachers Cry In Their Cars, Too

Illustration of a crying woman's face, reflected in her car's rearview mirror

First Year Teacher Tips. Find 20 awesome tips for new teachers! (I may not be a first year, but these are GREAT tips!

Glow and Grow Strategy

Runde's Room: Quick and Easy Assessment Strategies - good ideas for student self assessment (or teaching to edit and revise own work)

Sub Tub & Substitute Binder Resources

Sub Tub -- Possible things to include: A Welcome Binder (explaining the daily schedule, where things are in the room and anything the sub might need like computer log-in codes), emergency lesson ideas, great books, games and other activities to do!

Poster: This motivational chevron poster is ready to print for your classroom decor! These make great gifts for your teacher colleagues!

Student behavior problems and classroom disruptions are among a new teacher's most difficult challenges. The October New Teacher Survival Guide explains how you can turn around some of your.

For this exmaple which is show the graphic sequence. The content of this example is that a girl his own haircut process. I like the eyes of this girl, show her rebellious and youth. I like the style of this example, such as the lines of her hair.

A letter to first-year teachers "[G]ive yourself at least three more days than you think you'll need for each unit to account for fire drills, snowdays, and hangovers." Sound, sarcastic, and humorous advice for outlining the school year.

Mentoring New Teachers

Mentoring tips for new teachers, mentors and administrators. Mentoring MUST be a priority in our schools!