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me too Dean

The Supernatural Episode That Was The Worst To Shoot, According To Jared Padalecki


The many Faces of Dean Winchester. I read it as (from top left to right) sexy-funny sexy-funnier sexy-sexy-sexy-OMFG-sexy-sexy-sexy-awww Dean-sexy.

(9) Tumblr...... boom dean won ...love his face

Dean finally wins at Rock Paper Scissors, and has the most satisfied face. Sam is completely shocked.

Dean and Charlie

Because she's his little sister and Dean always act like a parent to his siblings<<<Well /someone/ had to be the parent in the family

The third one guys. Dean, you only had to wait at few more years.

Do You Believe In Miracles [gifset] - Are you blaming me for giving them what they want? Giving them a brand they can believe in? - Metatron, Dean WInchester, Supernatural VIA LIZ S

Some Dean Winchester Gifs for my fellow imgurians - Imgur

Some Dean Winchester Gifs for my fellow imgurians

Inspiring animated gif bitchface, dean winchester, lol, sam winchester, supernatural by LADY.D - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Scene from Yellow Fever.....actually was just watching this episode like 20 minutes ago... ;-)

I was watching Digimon then this happened and my inner Supernatural fangirl made me scream at the computer.

Dean and Lisa - deep down I really did hope Dean was Ben's DAD!! :D

5 relationships Dean Winchester has with women, and 5 he has with guys. So sweet.