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Parents love. Hades - 'Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of THOSE TWO GOSSIPING!'

I love my nico ♡

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New favorite! Nico being like a protective older cousin to Chuck headcanon= totally accepted

Awwwww :') Nico, Coach Hedge, and little Chuck

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greatest plot twist in the history of ever ugh i have so many other comics to upload but i have to get around to putting the frames together, theyre on . House Of Hades (Kinda Spoilery)

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minuiko: “ Dearest Viria, Please accept this small token of my appreciation. Affectionately yours, Minuiko (◡‿◡✿) (response to this

Percy "our-beloved-blue-marshmallow" Jackson

Percy "our-beloved-blue-marshmallow" Jackson Percy "Better than Jason" Jackson

Jason Grace & Nico di Angelo heroes of olympus blood of olympus - Art by Viria #boospoilers

i love this, nico and jason after the blood of olympus, i love how they became really good friends, nico needed that

so guys... i had the text post... i had the pictures... i needed to do this. The post was seriously made for this fanart. #solangelo

Previous pinner: so guys. i had the text post. i needed to do this. The post was seriously made for this fanart.


Burdge: The two camps’ reactions to the Percabeth reunion. I had wayyy too much fun with this. c: Please tell me you understand Reyna’s reaction.' CLARISSE WASN'T THERE.

I'm sorry I fell into the Percabeth trap, I started re -reading the Percy Jackson series yesterday

Percy Jackson Talks

Mini Nico in Will's pocket is truly one of the most adorable things ever!

AWW!! Leo I love you and all but...don't mess up a solangelo moment!!!

I just had this random and sudden urge to draw a cute solangelo scene, but when I got to the frame out of nowhere I just really really felt like drawing Leo, and this is the outcome… - from someone else. Oh LEO

OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY XD note that Leo can fit into a 8 year old's clothing

Percy Jackson Funny Pictures - Hight Heals [7]

Read Hight Heals from the story Percy Jackson Funny Pictures by pumpkinangelo (Laurie 🌺) with reads.