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hunter house by Choulaphone on DeviantArt

Draw by app ibispaintx  characters from yandere simulator 

This little LOG includes a lot of "headcanon" or idea from people on Tumblr ! n n Including Yandere!Budo, Budo vs Ayano, Yandere!Taro (or Jealous Taro ??) Plus my little fav.... Ayando genderbent &...

If senpai is a gentleman,Just like me【NO】 I really do not like senpai's original personalities,he just stingy ass hole at least I will not be angry with girls,you just walked around h.

Makeover ? by ado-mi

Kokona HarukaInspired by the number of hair issues between these two. Also, I’d find it cool if Kizana was the kind who tries to encourage originality.

Pokemon Contest Results

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