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take a bite of italy

A bite of Italy by vimsweet on deviantART --- aww, poor italy

Italy is kissing Austria or whatever, Austria  HATES him or I might be wrong......................

When u try to leave the hetalia fandom, and you find this. and u realize there is no escape XD

HWFC 03 - US v. Seychelles by kanae on DeviantArt Like this.

Oh my god Russia XD<< with the kolkolkol on top then the raep and France with the SEX PLS sign and Iggy with the unicorn.

Can I hug them now? Please? I just want to give them all a hug because they all make me so happy ;__;

Hetalia - Chibitalia and Holy Rome / Romano and Spain (awwww look at HRE's major nosebleed.) Romano is so cute trying to get bit again so Spain will kiss his finger!

Image result for italian family hetalia

Image result for italian family hetalia

Adorable PruHun (I don't ship it but this is cute)-i know i already pinned this but i ship this ship...just saying

Adorable PruHun, so cute Though I don't really get it why Hungary-san does that thing ,BUT , is so cuuuuteee!

I have been looking for this post for forever so I could finally read it and now that I have read it this post has made me so happy

We'll never leave, like it or not. Sorry to all the Otakus who hate Hetalia XD

As an Australian this is 100% accurate

Freshly baked meme for you