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Rooster Walk 4 - Event Poster Artwork by Selman Design

Rooster Walk - Festival Posters by Selman Design

Idea graphic could be used with the Acoustic Rooster book maybe alternative book report? Originally: Rooster Walk - Festival Posters by Selman Design

Cover and internal illustrations for the Local Living section of The Washington Post

Back to school issue. Art direction and design by Tippi Thole. Illustration by Bomboland. Award of Excellence in SND's 2012 Best of News Design Creative Competition.

Wine Route PostersArt Direction, Concept & DesignPersonal project of concept poster designs advertising a Wine Route. I art directed, conceptualised and did the design & layout of the poster artwork.

2 композиционных центра: фото девушки в шляпе и использование декоративного жирного шрифта. Контраст цвета: девушка и надпись выше - светло-голубой, а надпись черная. В то же время, есть общее между ними: черный ободок на шляпе девушки.

10 Rules of Composition All Designers Live By

The Pianist

the white keyboards in the shape of building structures and one of the black keyboards is a human form representing the pianist. The illustrations definitely tell a great story that match the theme.

Principle of Design Poster Series is a paper crafted poster series designed by graphic designer Efil Türk.