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Veneziano being sarcastic is hilarious x3 Good job, Romano!

Italy Veneziano attempts sarcasm like a true Italian. Romano has taught you well, little fratello!


Adorable hetalia comic America and Italy<<I don't ship it but I feel as if these two would be great friends and they'd totally do this. And Germany and England are watching closely because they don't want those two to become TOO close XD<<<bromance

Spread the love~! Holy shit ENGLAND XD XD XD

Spread the love~! Holy shit ENGLAND XD XD XD aw i love the last part with ukraine huggles for the onee-chan.

Happy Birthday America, snowing, winter, timeline, young, childhood, different ages, time lapse; Hetalia

((This is painful ;the price of freedom.<<those are freaking tea boxes being thrown into a harbor, aren't they!

usuk - hetalia-usuk Photo

usuk - hetalia-usuk Photo <<< *click* *click* I'll save some of these for Hungary-san

2p hetalia | Gifs - Hetalia Photo (32021119) - Fanpop fanclubs

America's flip of awesomeness reminds me of Hetalia beautiful world Christmas episode.