Castle and Beckett


Then when Nathan Fillion came in, he said “I’m this character.

Beckett:  "I will not get married on a ride, or up in space, or on a slide."  Castle: "I bet Dr. Suess got married somewhere fun!"  Beckett:  "In his wife's living room."

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Beckett: Castle, I love you but I will not marry you on a ride or up in space or on slide. Castle: I bet Dr. Seuss got married somewhere fun. Csstle TV show quotes

Richard a Kate Fun fact 10 : nerada chodím na akcie pre menšie vekové kategórie! Áno rozprávky to ešte áno ale nejaké trapné pesničky pre deturence v plienočkach či školkarov nie ďakujem! Som akčnejší tip takže asi aj lreto pozerám túto detektívku však ako inak!✌ #zaba

Beckett: If you don't want to go look at wedding venues this weekend, then just say so. Castle: I don't want to go look at wedding venues this weekend. Castle TV show quotes. HAHAHA That's a relationship!

Season Episode 'Montreal' Castle goes to Montreal and finds the safety deposit box that fits the key that was sewn into the hem of his clothing.

Beckett's reactions to #Castle's theories over the years...

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Ahh the sideways grin that's kinda like "oh shutup your so stupid" and " God he's cute when makes up stories!

"Oh for heaven's sake...Kiss the man." Captin Gates to Beckett; Castle TV show quotes

"Oh for heaven's sake." Captain Gates to Beckett; Castle TV show quotes <-- Love love LOVE this scene! Of course Gates knew :)