Dog wants to go to Starbucks @Lynda Brown Suglia

Awww, poor thing - but this made me laugh b/c I thought about my dogs in the car!

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Funny pictures about kindergarten. Oh, and cool pics about kindergarten. Also, kindergarten.

cute and funny all in one

18 photos d'animaux qui tentent d'être féroces mais qui ne le sont pas du tout !

Funny pictures about Fear me! Oh, and cool pics about Fear me! Also, Fear me!


funny caption sad cat with every last toy stuck under refrigerator poor muffin lost all sense of purpose in life


Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath! Too funny! I'd have to draw white brows on my pure black dog, though.

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funny caption dog in car still hungry you'll get fat fat sounds awesome let's get fat

Pet shaming. Some of these are absolutely hysterical!

Best funny quotes of the week, Top 30

Funny Dog Shaming - notice how you never see any cat shaming. This is clearly bc they're not as dumb as dogs.>>>>actually I have seen cat shaming

Wonder if this is true...might have to try it!

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"If you ask for a "puppuccino" at Starbucks, they will give you a cup of whipped cream for your dog!" - is it true? I was definitely offered a cup of whipped cream for my dog before at Starbucks lol. I just thought he was special :/

Lap dog :)

i nkow , buddy she scares the hell out of me too how many likes can we get to save this man and his dog from there wife

Lol! This is so my daughter even though its only our english bulldog Bella that she has to sleep with, even though she complains in the morning b/c Bella likes to sleep just likes us....... her head/body on your pillow next to you & dont forget the covers.....

Because he has three German Shepard dogs on his bed while he is sleeping! (German Shepards are very protective and smart, they are police dogs!:) my dog is as small as a Chiweawa and she is as protective as these three German Shepards.

Ce sont mes dents de lait, elles ne vont pas tenir longtemps, alors SOURIRE! Et profitez-en bien...

We're never fully dressed without a smile—and these dogs have the uncanny ability to smile just like a person! Check out these adorable cheese teeth portraits. Are you ready? Say "cheese!