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Best lamb shank recipe ever, and I've tried a lot. I've been making it so long, I don't remember where I got it, but everyone who's tried it loves it and has asked for the recipe.

Red Wine and Garlic Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks

beautiful eyes

How To Apply Simple Gold Eye Makeup? - Tutorial with Pictures

I just love the simple elegance of the detail of this eye makeup--Simple Gold Eye Makeup tutorial. Here is a broken down eye makeup tutorial. I is so beautiful and fun to wear. What a great method to get a lovely eye makeup!

I just tried this tonight. I've never been able to clean my brushes so quickly as with this method! I was done with my whole collection in under 10 minutes!

New Year Fab! 5 Easy Beauty Tips To Try In 2013

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Archives Makeup tips and ideas. This really works, btw, I use this technique to clean off ny makeup brushes and it works wonderfully. Use anti bacterial dish soap to clean off your brushes fully

You HAVE TO check out these 10 cooking hacks! I've already tried a few and it's save me SO MUCH TIME! I already feel like a pro! This is such an AWESOME post and I'm definitely pinning for later!

10 Cooking Tips and Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

AMAZING spice infographic from CookSmarts! Guide to Flavoring with Spices via /cooksmarts/

How to save broken powder compacts


too handy. definitely need this trick! DIY Makeup Fixer Upper by thebeautydepartment: Who knew you could fix your fractured pressed powder?

Bit concerned about seeing 'dyslexic' in a list of character flaws...I mean maybe as an issue for the character, but I don't think a disability can be called a character flaw.

21 22 47 50 70 72 these are not me the others on occasion and some are spot on others i try very very fukn hard at.

This is perfect for doing something with all of the random foreign money I've collected from my travels! :)

20 Affordable DIY Ideas You Can Do With Pennies

DIY Penny Vase diy craft crafts home decor easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts crafty diy decor craft decorations how to home crafts tutorials teen crafts

How to make your own makeup setting spray. YES! I've been looking for this

Makeup setting spray DIY: 1 part pure glycerin and 3 parts filtered water.mix together and put in spray bottle and it becomes homemade makeup setting spray and mixing medium!

I definitely have items that need this! Can see it would be useful on hot day when vest top under clothing would be too warm

Make a DIY modesty panel to fit over your bras. Cute layering idea for under those shirts that dip too low. I am tired of wearing tank tops all the time! Too many layers!

Best make up tutorial ever, I've tried it and you wear less make up, but to me looks a lot better, I just do my eyes how I normally do. Kiki's List: Oh, This Girl is Good.

A bunch of awesome beauty cheats!// Molly Says: For the record, I HATE Victoria's Secret.borrowing) their beauty hacks!

Will have to try...DIY Eye Make-Up Remover: coconut oil. I swear by the stuff. It does everything.

DIY Eye Make-Up Remover

DIY Eye Make-Up Remover: coconut oil. I swear by the stuff. I do this with Vitamin E oil :)

Creme Brulee Cookies! (15-20) 1 Roll Pillsbury Sugar Cookies; ½ c. White Sugar; Vanilla Pudding (2 Pudding Cups 2 them); kitchen torch Bake Cookies according to directions. Take them out+make nice dent in them with back spoon while they’re warm. Fill that dent with some Vanilla Pudding… Top it with sprinkling Sugar…. Now, fire up that torch~~Crisp up Sugar just til it’s golden+candy-like… Take moment to stare at their beauty.and crunch into creamiest, BEST handheld Creme Brulee EVER! ~Enjoy…

Creme Brûlée Cookes: 1 Roll of Pillsbury Sugar Cookies, cup White Sugar, Vanilla Pudding (I used Pudding Cups, and I used 2 of them), A kitchen torch

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Pinterest: @QueenLikeKat ✨