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That's some nice sanity you have there, Will.  It would be a shame if something happened to it.

Hannibal & Will ~ Sanity / This had me crying! With laughter.there is something wrong with all us Fannibals

I think the Hannibal fandom is almost as crazy as the Sherlock fandom.

19 Signs Your Best Friend Might Be A Serial Killer

Oh, Hannibal...  He never said this of course, buuuut, he may as well have.   I'm a huge Mads fan, well before this, and I just have to say his acting on this is god like. I love you, Mads!!!

some people think I'm a bad person for watching it, but guess what. I DON'T CARE!<< basically the whole show.

The tables are turning  This has to be my favorite...

saucefactory: “ feredir: “ the tables are turning ” This has to be my favorite work of fanart in the entire Hannibal fandom.