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FB Radom MSBS (Poland) assault rifle, NATO, being developed for the Polish Armed Forces.


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HK-416.. dear Santa

You can fire 30 rounds out of this thing and the bolt is cool enough to hold in your hand. On a or carbine you could light a match by touching it with one after 30 rounds.

Atomic Tactical - Mega Arms GTR-3H AR15 SBR

SBR with stippled MOE-K grip, RMR sight, MOE stock, and 100 round sure fire mag.

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LIEMKE DB 10 What looking at is the same rifle; the H&K The second image is the LIEMKE DB 10 which is a chassis for the converting a hunting rifle into a tactical bullpup.

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Centurion Arms upper with Daniel Defense rail. The furniture is Magpul Industries Corp., with Knight’s Armament Company BUIS, Eotech SureFire, LLC lights, Silynx Communications Inc.

AR-15 in Magpul foilage green by Stickman.   Check out #OutdoorFree (www.outdoorfree.com) for more AR-15 and other guns for sale!

in Magpul foilage green by Stickman. Next one is gunna be green!

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The Bullpup Revolution

The IWI (former IMI) Tavor is an Israeli assault rifle designed to be more effective in urban combat than the series but still be.

WWII collection: M1 Garand, M1 carbine, M1911, Winchester Model 1897, and Thompson submachine gun

WWII collection: Garand, carbine, Winchester Model and Thompson submachine gun. The Springfield 1903 was a heavily used sniper rifle at the time and is noticeably missing from this collection in my opinion.

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170a5c1f3a5fee4af06d67a2e01c86f8615a522515bc1-SNR9JB_fw658 (400×1291)