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Autumn is the season for many simple enjoyments such as finally getting to wear your favorite sweater and drinking your favorite cup of coffee/cocoa. But most of all, autumn is full of breathtaking fall foliage.

Gwillim Lakes in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

I picked this picture because the colors of the sunset are just beyond beautiful with he purple that blends to pink and blue and makes the ocean or lake sparkle with a different shade is magnificent.

A foggy fall morning at the park in Albany, New York

Autumn's Paint Brush-LadyLuxury

The red Fall trees surround and reflect in the beautiful pond. The accent of the white pampas grass plumes make this photo breathtaking.


Moonlight through Spanish moss . come sit with me & watch the moon rise.

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Portofolio Fotografi Landscape - Winter Wonderland - Golden sunrise It's gorgeous but I don't like the cold.

Portofolio Fotografi Pemandangan Alam - A Brilliant Sunrise

Awesome pictures from Sweden, the country in the north of the world! 10 Places You'll Hardly Believe Are In Sweden ! Sweden is a very beautiful country both in



passage among Autumn foliage

the air is wild with leaves Early autumn (via Beautiful Colorful Valley -.

Raking light through the trees, a glorious place to be.

Raking light through the trees, a glorious place to be.

Just feels like where I need to be.  Source: tassels  Feels like Grandma's farm

OH - THIS is my dream! country morning: Pinner said, "an early morning walk down the path, past the barn to the meadow where light wakes my soul.

Winter Blessings

Inspiration For Landscape photography Picture Description Winter mist

Fog and the misty sunrise ...

░░ Ïȵ৳Ꭷ Ƭɦҽ ᘻᎥʂ৳ ░░ ~~~ {“God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to performs” ― William Cowper}

Autumn Sunrise, Meredith, NH this is beautiful :)

magnifique paysage: