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schrodingers cat

Schrödinger's Cat: a bad illustration but a provocative image: sustaining two contradictory ideas within the same attention.

This “Doodler” Was Supposed To Be Dirty, But An Artist Showed Us A Better Path.

This “Doodler” Was Supposed To Be Dirty, But An Artist Showed Us A Better Path.<<< this is absolutely amazing and this person is my new inspiration

Pinterest | spriya9 ✧

Pinterest | spriya9 ✧

Love, Love this!

Tattoo design for a customer I will be tattooing at the Belfast tattoo convention in June! Alice in wonderland tat sketch

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Image result for geometric owl tattoo

Image result for geometric owl tattoo

Schrödinger's cat

This nerdy physics shirt shows Schrodinger's Cat in a morbid superposition of states.

Sehen Sie sich das an: otakumaniac1's Bild auf #PicsArt Erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen kostenlos https://bnc.lt/f1Fc/BGCLJC6YNt

ADOPTED This is Azazel he is the son of Satan though he has no idea, he has been abandoned for most of his life and he needs a friend that will stay by his side no matter what happens.

Miss Officer and Mr Truffles… This is absolutely beautiful.

Miss Officer and Mr Truffles // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I'ld watch/read it.