Fairy Tail kisses OMG SQEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! >~< (read from top right down then top left then down, I know, confusing right!?!?!? XD) ||NaLu & Gruvia & Jerza & GaLe|| #Fairy Tail

NaLu & Gruvia & Jerza & GaLe (read from top right down then top left then down) Man is this confusing!

HAHAHAHA!!! Natsu and Lucy's son and Gray and Juvia's daugther?... I can totally see that coming!!!!!...

i love this NaLu son and Gruvia daughter this is soooo cute i love it I an dan girling sooooooo hard

NaLu Week: Body Language by AyuMichi-me

NaLu Week: Body Language by AyuMichi-me. Can everybody agree that this is one of your OTPs and some people don't wanna admit it?

Memories at night by zippi44 on DeviantArt

Aww lucy started crying, and then natsu comforts her!

Lucy est devenue à cause d'une potion.C'est potion c'est transformé  à cause du temps car celle-là fait 7 ans qu'elle a été fabriqué. Natsu grâce à son flair de chasseur  de dragon il a reconnue l’odeur de sa Luce d'amour.❤️

Favorite episode cause everyone forgets about Lucy but natsu doesnt❤️this brings out nalu💕