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This picture gives me closure. < in one timeline it may exist

Bioshock Infinite Comic - A better ending. In one universe Anna/Elizabeth and Booker are reunited in Paris thanks to the Luteces.

He'll never be able to live it down

He'll never be able to live it down

BioShock art design poster Andrew Ryan A man chooses a slave obeys

BioShock art design poster Andrew Ryan " what separates a man from a slave? No, a man chooses, and a slave obeys!

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Rapture Advertisement Images

*SPOILERS*. #infinite Easter Eggs. wow to the last one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TRlbBewdgE

Bioshock Infinite Easter eggs with spoilers Wow, I might have to play Bioshock just to hear Song Bird's scream.

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth...

Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth finding coins in the middle of a fight *Facepalm* <--- Hey, man, it's good money.

These two phrases together just melted my mind.......

This picture is amazing!

If Bioshock Infinite ever became a film, this would be my cast. What would yours be?

If Bioshock Infinite ever became a film. This would be my favorite movie! Although I'm sure we could find male/female acting twins.

#Bioshock Infinite #Concept art by West Studio #songbird

BioShock Infinite Concept Art by West Studio