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Church of the Gesu (Chiesa del Gesù), ambulatory, Piazza Casa Professa, Palermo…

Bougainvillea in Torremolinos, Andalusia, Spain

Mediterranean charm in Torremolinos, Andalusia, Spain. We should go to Spain and do this to our house.

hartres , France    June 21 when the sun is at the Zenith (solar Noon) of The Place , a sunray passing trough a hole illuminates a nail stuck in the ground  ! !

Milan, zodiac sundial, 1768 ~ astronomers from Accademia di Brera. Summer solstice, ray strikes tongue of bronze set in the floor; winter solstice, stretches out to meridian.

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Humayun's tomb or Maqbara-e-Humayun is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Delhi, India. The tomb was commissioned by Humayun's first wife Bega Begum (Haji Begum). The tomb is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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A view of the Alhambra Palace, in Granada, Andalusia. The calligraphy reads "و لا غالب إلا الله" - "There is no victor besides Allah". The Alhambra was completed by the last Muslim state of Spain, Granada in the — at La Alhambra.

Casa R. Sala, también conocida como Casa Cairó, es un edificio situado en la calle Enrique Granados, número 106, del distrito de La Antigua Izquierda del Eixample de Barcelona. Fue proyectado por el arquitecto Domènec Boada y Piera en 1906. Fachada de estilo modernista barroco.

Casa Cairó is a building in the district of La Antigua Izquierda del Eixample in Barcelona. It was designed by the architect Domènec Boada i Piera in 1906 with a modern Baroque facade.

The most beautiful window in the world - Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Room in the garden and garden in the room Alhambra, Granada, Spain. Love the Moorish influence there.