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I imagine Belli was quite closed off (well, more so) before Star came along. Being the only one that's different can be tough, even if everyone likes you the way you are

This is cute even though I don't ship Flutter and Discord or Rarity and Spike. TBH I'm only pinning for character design and art style.--> I think this is a good post because it shows the difference between them but they accept that and love it

Alternate Ending to the Season 2 Finale by Beavernator on deviantART<< I like this ending!

It wouldn't give the completely girl-power and I'm-not-a-little-prissy-princess vibe, though.

My little pony and friends all cuddled up! This pinterest board just got about 20% cooler. Look at them proving that friendship IS magic.  My little ponies and friends: Fantasy Cuddle Cartoon Clients of GroundingCenter.org

Hush little ponies don't say a word.celestias gonna buy you a flaming bird 😂💕

Just a page of doodles featuring human Starchaser when she turns 18 and some of her daily situations. Starchaser © me Princess Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) © Hasbro On my Tumblr page...

Just a page of doodles featuring human Starchaser when she turns 18 and some of…

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Roskomnadzor - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard

READ THIS --> As many have pointed out, I know "she wont out live her friends". I know that the writers have said that. But is that really such a big deal when watching fan work? If you do think...

One thing, Twilight is not immortal because she was made into a alicorn not born one like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna -actually, because she was made a alicorn, she is now immortal. She is alicorn now even if she was made one. So she is immortal


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Rux--Xan - Beautiful. And I'm really happy that Spike was included with the main characters, as he should be.

A day with Rarity&Spike I've never really shipped rarity and spike, but this is adorable!


The Nightmare Night Chronicles - Assassin Pip by Invisibleguy-Ponyman on deviantART