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[VIXX/켄택] 머글들한테도 유명한 빅스 레오 남팬 일화 28 | 인스티즈

[VIXX/켄택] 머글들한테도 유명한 빅스 레오 남팬 일화 28 | 인스티즈


fyeah-vixx: I am ROVIX. This is the VIXX Agents after being rewarded the third for Chained Up today on Music Bank. Delivering thanks to Starlights that are prettier than flowers.

Vixx. N, Ravi, Hyuk, Ken, Hongbin, Leo.. I love them all♡♡♡

RealVIXX on

VIXX - God, they're stunning with that dark skin. It's luscious and striking and delicious, and it's YOU. it's what fans want.

Leo was killing me this day. He looks so sexy in this sweater.

☆ 신시아 ☆

☆ 신시아 ☆ Leo is me during pictures!

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