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Harry potter symbols. Symbols for my HP piece.  :)

Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas- I like the idea of these but "expecto patronum" has nothing to do woth the feather; I think the spell they were looking for was "wingardium leviosa".

I liked this and wanted to share this with you all - Imgur

I liked this and wanted to share this with you all

so all Hufflepuffs are ginger all ravenclaws are brownies and all slytherins are blondies? << brownies?! For a second I thought THOSE brownies. But true, this is ridikulus

So, a few things. Hermione looks adorable in Ravenclaw. What the crap is up with Harry's eyebrows in most of these? It's blasphemous for Ron's hair to be anything but red. HELLO SLYTHERIN HERMIONE O_O

Day 23: Aspired Muggle Quidditch Position: the Snitch...how much fun would it be to just run all over the place...as long as you don't get caught...

Easy simple rules to how to play Quidditch I want my college to start a team so bad! Who wants to play Quidditch?