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141019 EXO Sehun | Gimpo Airport to Busan

He’s literally the cutest thing

Sehun doang cowok yang punya rambut ungu tetep bikin "anjir ganteng amat"

EXO & Psy take Daesang + Winners from the Golden Disk Awards'!

Gimpo Airport to Haneda Airport 150416 : Sehun

Probably my height difference with sehun

Now that's how you slay everyone present in the airport

Now that's how you slay everyone present in the airport.

I'm everyone here

Suho, Kai and Sehun Kai is like: "Pretty fairy coming through" Sehun: "Excuse them, they're missing out on medication." Suho: "KRIS YOU DOG LEAVING ME WITH THE KIDS!" >>> are we going to ignore the fact that Kai is tryna hit Sehun's ass?


Happy birthday my cute maknae - Oh Sehun

Incheon Airport from Shanghai 151025 : Sehun (1/2)

Incheon Airport from Shanghai 151025 : Sehun

14265094_584047718463651_8605635721205457757_n.png (500×700)

Oh Sehun: Sehun in glasses is my kink

Sehun - 150821 Incheon Airport, departing for Xi'an - 3/3 Credit: 멜티드 치즈 판타지. (인천공항 출국)

Oh Sehun: well okie

140910 EXO Sehun | Shanghai Airport to Incheon

Shanghai Airport to Incheon

Kai e Chanyeol EXO

Black bomber jacket, black shirt and jeans with black boots and black hat

I love this pic so much *-*

sebaek ❤️ this is such a pretty photo

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Imagen de exo and sehun

Sehun!look at this sexy dork all wet ,sweaty and panting!do's any girl can wich better wet dream?

oh sehun, exo sehun, and exo hot image

Sehun - 160912 Incheon Airport transit, Bangkok to Hiroshima Credit: 멜티드 치즈 판타지. (인천공항)

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150905 EXO - DMC Festival K-POP Super Concert

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