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Serena es muy linda ;3

Serena ^_^ I give good credit to whoever made this 👏

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I missed you ash!!!

I missed you ash!!!

Sunflower Serena by DaDonYordel

Based on the sundress Serena wears in the Diancie movie. Managed to put in Satoshi's blue ribbon there. Drawing and coloring individual sunflowers is a tedious experie.

*-*-*Amourshipping Fanfiction*-*-*  ,,Ich mag es, wenn Ash lächelt. A… #romantik # Romantik # amreading # books # wattpad

Pokémon Junior High ~Amourshipping

Hello, I'm Serena. I am a beginning Pokemon trainer traveling with my partner, Fennekin! This Serena is just.