guys look at louis..... anybody else looking at the arch in his back and how he looks like weirdo????

guys look at louis. anybody else looking at the arch in his back and how he looks like weirdo?


Who is your favorite singer? Zayn Malik Who is your favorite model? Zayn Malik Who's your superhero? Zayn Malik Who's your favorite footballer?


I love these five guys that changed my life giving a 180 degree turn, they taught me to fight for our dreams, I drew smiles when I had problems, I was taught to live life at so I was the great maid with all my heart.

One Direction in SAlt lake

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Rood wat een mooie kleur maar paars is nog mooier!!!

Young hitmakers One Direction arrive in to offer a live concert in and their fans cannot wait to sing and dance to the hits from their albums Up All Night, Take Me Home. Get your tickets here


Day 1 - favorite picture of the boys - it's my favorite because it's the first time they're all together 💕

One Direction<3  Zayn Jaavad Malik<3  Harry Edward Styles<3  Liam James Payne<3  Niall James Horan<3  ....And....  Louis William Tomlinson<3   5 Boys. One Irish. Four British. One Dream. One Direction!!

Happy Birthday to my five favorite boys Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, & Niall. I love you guys so much you won't believe it! I can't believe you're 5 years old today! Thank you so much for changing my life!