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Cannibalism during Russian famine of 1921.

Cannibalism during the Russian Famine 1921 Thought to be a possible contributing factor in the behavior of Chikatilo. Such a disturbing photo, and yet a significant piece of history.

Satiro, Mexico, 1992

The first joint exhibition of two of America's most respected living artists, Joel-Peter Witkin and Jerome Witkin at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts raises intriguing questions about the similarities between these remarkable twins.

Historians have never been able to figure out the context of these photos…

Historians have never been able to figure out the context of these photos… You need for support launching your network marketing venture?

Cannibalism during the Russian Famine 1921

Cannibalism during the Russian Famine 1921 - Odd that people were there to take photographs, but could not provide them with food to prevent them from eating other people.


Vos pires cauchemars (ou presque) en photos


Li Ching-Yuen was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical advisor who lived to the ripe old age of 256 and sired 200 descendants during his life span, surviving 23 wives. Ching-Yuen lived off a diet of herbs and rice wine inculding lingzhi, goji

Los verdaderos esclavos blancos

Fundraiser organizers used lighter skinned mixed race slave children as part of an campaign to raise money for African American schools in the They believed that lighter skinned slaves would garner more sympathy, and in turn more money, for their cause.

The Hills Have Eyes is based on the Sawney Bean story. In 15th and 16th-century Scotland, Bean left home and took to the coastal caves with a woman where they lived for a number of years and had 14 children. The clan ambushed innocent passersby and murdered them for food. The family was hunted and brought to trial. At that time, they numbered 48, most of them the product of incest. The entire family was executed for the murder and cannibalization of over 1,000 people.

While it’s true that many horror filmmakers have plastered the phony “true story” label on their movies in hopes of filling theater seats and winning box office gold, some scary m…