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My Chemical Romance

they don't even look like a band anymore, they don't even look like MCR<<yeah :(

On Christmas of 2017, we will all watch the 'NANANA' video. The entire MCRmy. Every Killjoy. If you won't have Internet that day watch it before. We are gonna give them the best Christmas present we can- The most viewed video on YouTube. There are enough of us to do that and you can watch it as many times as you like. Happy Holidays! I am so gonna watch the video on loop, no one can stop meh >:D

It's Queen Gee👑He has "good" everything. What do you expect hahaha

F*ck those people they are so anoying<<I had to tell someone to their face that MCR broke up. He thought they'd be on Warped Tour this summer. At least I found it online and was able to cope in an empty computer lab

His face is saying, “If you don’t leave right now imma through you outa da window.

Oops I disobeyed what are you gonna do leave him in my room do it I dare you I FREAKIN DARE YOU

Oops I disobeyed what are you gonna do leave him in my room do it I dare you I FREAKIN DARE YOU<< yes please I wanna meet Frankie

If someone ever said "Harry Styles is hotter than Gerard" I would kill them that instant.

My Chemical Romance XD Harry Styles will never be a hot as Gerard Way like seriously, sorry but, not sorry. Also, MCR is really gay because, Frerard.

I laughed at some of them and I cried at others. 11/10 would re-pin again.

I went back and listened to "Famous Last Words" and freaking cried. The lyrics make total sense now. He put his damn heart in his music; something not one of these new "modern" singers do now.

All teenagers scare the livin shit outta me

I hate when my mom starts raising her voice and says she's not.

ray's just wondering what the tf he's even doing there

Telepathic hand choreography // huh, telepathy, no wonder they're such good friends