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Image result for agent 1 and 2

agent 1 and agent 2 by gomigomipomi.tumblr.com

Now that the Splatoon comic is entering the Hero Arc, it seems like Agent 1 and Agent 2 are going to debut soon, looking forward to seeing them.



「スプラトゥーン「インクリング」」/「雪浜 @yukiha_ma」のイラスト [pixiv] #Inkling #squid

bike_shorts copyright_name grin highres inkling long_hair mask orange_eyes orange_hair paint pointy_ears shirt short_sleeves smile solo splatoon squid super_soaker tentacle_hair torn_clothes torn_shorts yukihama

Agent 2

hotaru_ (Hielo y Fuego) idea Hielo y Fuego Tagme wong_ying_chee

とま (@cyan_beans) | Twitter

Even though I don't hve a Switch (yet), I'm still excited for next week.

Octoling new weapon art - Album on Imgur

Octoling new weapon art

Aku no Homu - no idea what that means, but fountain pen for an octoling weapon is creative.