Rainbow Loom- Googleplex Bracelet (Original Design) tutorial by Claire's Wears

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Rainbow Loom Lush Foliage bracelet BLING TRANSFORMATION

This tutorial explains how bling can truly change a design completely! Here we add Jump Rings to the Lush Foliage Bracel.

Dream Rainbow Loom Bracelet Video Tutorial

(This is the hardest one I've done so far. I've made 3 that I missed ONE loop on (did it in the wrong sequence) and the whole thing fell apart. How to make a Rainbow Loom Dream Bracelet

How to close a Rainbow Loom bracelet with a jump ring, bead or ribbon. Tutorial by Arty Crafty. Click photo for YouTube tutorial. 11/19/13.

How to use a jump ring, bead, or ribbon to close your creations. How to close a Rainbow Loom bracelet without a "C" clip by Arty Crafty