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If you're saying I play favorites, your wrong. I love all my students equally.

Sensei and Student

I loved that moment after Naruto beat Pain and changed Nagato. He collapsed out of exhaustion before Kakashi catches him and carries him back to the village. "He's gotten heavier" he says in his head.

AU high school; student Naruto dreams of the shinobi world where his teacher Kakashi dies. | awww. <3 | slight NaruKaka

student Naruto dreams of the shinobi world where his teacher Kakashi dies.i guess it's the third Naruto movie he thought of

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Kakashi was a jerk to her, but he already had his hands full with just Naruto, not even including Sasuke

I think the reason why Sakura always felt like she was kakashi's least favorite student was because she reminded him of rin. in the way she cares about her boys, and epsecielly in the way she always jump into danger for them. he was scared that she will die like rin, so he didn't want to get attached. but as we can see in this gif' as we saw in this episode' everything he said about Sakura, he clearly fail for he cares about her deeply, and if you ask me, she was his favorite all along

Sakura reminds him of Rin then huh. the saving her boys like Rin did. the kindness but stubbornness.

Kakashi and Sakura. I've never shipped these two but I thought this was cute. Couldn't help myself.

A nice mentor/student relationship **platonic** (dont put none of that kakusaru or whatever next to ne)

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