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뭐 어쩌라고....난 소비러야 :: 뭐 어쩌라고....난 소비러야

뭐 어쩌라고....난 소비러야 :: 뭐 어쩌라고....난 소비러야

gravity falls tiffany | Giffany appear


Her dad is a octopus man ( slenderman) so that's why she is so creepy. Soos seas her dad is an octopus man in Soos and the real girl. So when slenderman was spotted in gravityfalls it was Giffanys dad

Dipper in the future

Me:hey Dipper! Dipper:o-oh hey Angel! Dipper:*blushes* yeah me too! *me and dipper continue talking* (Open rp!

Love the tattoo

Because grown up Dipper is the awesome Dipper. did I mention I was their age when the show started. meaning years wise he'd probably be sixteen by now (Despite the fact that the show ended a few months ago and they were Gravity Falls


My interpretation of Overtale! Don’t worry about the words stuff really, its for my friends rp group thingy (there’s many Charas LMAO) I really like how they turned out c: