Kenai and Nita

I did a little fan art of Nita and Kenai from Brother Bear. Nita and Kenai from Brother Bear

"You sure your mom didn't ditch you, Ko- Duuuuuh?"

I have a dog named Dakota and I call her Kota bear sometimes but whenever I do, my mom runs in and goes "say it with me, kooo-daaaaa

Have you ever noticed this movie is kinda parallel to brave? Kinda?

Divergent/Brother Bear mashup is awesome.

The Aurora by on @deviantART - Kenai from Disney's "Brother Bear" - Not a film I've seen before, but this drawing is amazing!

I'm slowly working my way to watching all the Disney movies from my childhood and drawing fanart of each. So, here's my Brother Bear fanart (which I sud. The Aurora