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Bambi and Feline. Till she showed up, I though Bambi was a girl… as a little kid. Didn't we all?

Bambi and Feline. Till she showed up, I thought Bambi was a girl… Didn't we all?

Bambi by Hyung86 on DeviantArt. Ummm...oddly attracted..to a drawing of a humanized Bambi...oh dear...he's hot.

Disney University - Bambi by Freshman, Veterinary major, friends with Kenai and Pocahontas, hates Twilight

Blissful Bambi | Bambi birthday party | Bambi celebration | Bambi dessert table | Disney-themed party | http://babyandbreakfast.ph/2016/08/08/blissful-bambi/ | Photo: Tyron Cruz

Blissful Bambi

Jacky's Bambi-themed party looks features a woodland setup just like the movie!