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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Miss Angela" of Palm Springs Air Museum.

The Palm Springs Air Museum is rated as one of the top 14 Air Museums in the World by CNN Travel. non-profit housing over 40 vintage aircraft

Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler on display at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Northrop Grumman Prowler on display at the Palm Springs Air Museum.


Formation of Boeing of the USAAF bomber squadron, nicknamed the American Luftwaffe for accidentally bombing allied troops, in flight over England

An American B-17G being loaded & inspected for her next mission.

Boeing Flying Fortress being loaded & inspected for her next mission.

North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber "Panchito"

Panchito ~ love this shot

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07 Apr 45: "Sonderkommando Elbe" sends 180 German Bf-109s to attack Allied bombers with the intent of ramming into them, aiming for either the tail, engines or cockpit, bailing out either before or after collision. While only 15 Allied bombers are attacked in this manner, eight are successfully destroyed. Most of the German pilots died, without inflicting the harm to the relentless Allied bombing campaign that had been hoped. #WWII #History

07 Apr "Sonderkommando Elbe" sends 180 German to attack Allied…

WWII Wreckage Riders - Surviving the crash - http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/wwii-wreckage-riders.html

Combat photo of the Boeing Flying Fortress "Lakanuki" of the Bomb Group, Squadron going down just after it's tail blown off. The tail gunner David L. Butcher survived by being thrown clear when the tail came off.

USS Siboney

Celebrating the aircraft designed and built on Long Island, along with some other planes I think are beautiful.


An aviation enthusiast who dreams of flying high through the clouds in a WWII plane.simply fascinated by bombers, fighters.

Roaring Warbirds Flying Insanely Low And Bringing The Speed