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This man has a way with words like no other. Love it¤ Rob hill sr quotes

So very true. Healthy outlook on a relationship.

It hurts falling for untapped potential.this is all a narcissist can EVER be. Don't let them fool you. You will always be disappointed



Rob Hill Sr.  Man, I love this guy.

While you're working on yourself why don't you let me deal with my ducking real life and problems! No rush!

Hope for tomorrow...

my heart is just too big not to have hope for tomorrow.

Always learning and refuse to let my heart be bitter but continue to be wiser than the day before. And I will continue to fight to feel the sun's beautiful warmth and guidance through out my days and the moon and the stars tender kisses of love, peace and strength during my nights when my armour comes off and I need to be free. ~Pi

There's so much value in experience. Rob Hill Sr putting things in perspective.