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"What's on stake? Just the future of humanity." *silence* "You mean, OUR future?" "No, don't drag me in this mess, human.

despues de ''pretty woman'' viene ''dejate de mierdas y salva tu culo sola'' #2017#Future

All my life is a dramatic pause.

And I can't ignore them because I lived it

My ghosts talk loud and guide me everyday.

Between the sinners and the saints... It takes, it takes, and it takes

" She asked, her gun pointed steadily at the police woman's head as she crushed herself against the wall, her walkie crackling just out of reach.

I don’t want us to change. You won’t, though, because you’re good

I don’t want us to change. You won’t, though, because you’re good

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"did you come into contact with unknown magical forces"

juliet ferrars aaron warner shatter me

Chroniken des Blutes und Absinth

Chroniken des Blutes und Absinth

"There is only power. Some have it, some want it, and some would do anything to get it."

♔ "power is power"⎜cersei lannister lowkey reminds me of claire underwood from house of cards (maybe it's the hair lol), except cersei is waaaaay more emotional and impetuous ♔

gryffindor aesthetic - Google Search

Amber questions everything in a very annoying way.

Manos frías y... ¿corazón caliente? Ya, claro. ¿De donde te crees que viene el frío de mis manos?

Its funny cuz everyone knows I have the coldest hands

Welcome to hell.

"You saved me" a smile plays across her lips and then is gone quicker than it came "if I'm your salvation, than welcome to hell"

You can wager that. ♠️

You can wager that. ♠️

bad dog

those who act out in anger ~ Beware ~ quote was penned by William Shakespeare

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A scorcher and a chiller. Riddle solved by Ben