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Rare Pear Cut 2.85 Ct Russian Demantoid Garnet - Antique Jewelry | Vintage Rings | Faberge Eggs

Russian Demantoid garnets over 2 carats are very rare. This pear cut ct Russian Demantoid from the Ural Mountains measures x x mm.

Russian demantoid garnet, 4.55 cts. (Photo: Wimon Manorotkul)

demantoid (andradite) from Ural Mountains, Russia, carats. (Photo: Wimon Manorotkul) All pieces from the collection of Bill Larson.

From a historical perspective, Demantoid is clearly the most important variety of the Andradite species. Demantoids from the Ural mountains of Russia were discovered in 1868. Possessing an unusual green color and a dispersion even greater than diamond, demantoid quickly became a treasured and expensive gemstone and was used by the famous Russian jeweler Faberge to create jewelry.

Natural Demantoid Garnet oval weighing cts, from Namibia.

5-plus-carat tsavorite from the Lualenyi Mine.   I have a 2 carat tsavorite ring in an antique setting. Love it.

This 7 ct tsavorite garnet is darker on the ends than in the is an illustration of the Beer-Lambert law, where longer light paths result in greater absorption. Photo by Wimon Manorotkul.

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Malaia Garnet, 4.67cts

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Phosphophyllite, 10.99 ct, 14.77 x 10.30 x 10.28 mm, from Bolivia, likely the Unificada Miine in Potosí. (Photo: Jeff Scovil)

:p Phosphophyllite, ct, Bolivia. It is one of the rarest gemstones because the material is difficult to cut. It is both brittle and fragile on the Mohs hardness scale).