NCIS television prop (19 September 2008)

Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a fictional character from the NCIS television series by CBS Television.

Gibbs, Shannon and Kelly.  The original loves of his life.  NCIS

Gibbs, Shannon and Kelly. Other NCIS fans still don't believe me right away when I tell them my name is actually Shannon Kelly.

My TWO favorite shows!!! :D #NCIS #NCIS:LA

Two of my favourite shows: the original NCIS and NCIS Los Angelos!

Twitter / M_Weatherly: Making sweet #ncis promos for ... with Pauley. 8/12/2013

Michael Weatherly on

NCIS' Michael Weatherly (plays Tony DiNozzo) and Pauley Perrette (plays Abby Sciuto)

Too cool for school

15 Times Abby Wore It Better Than Anybody Else Could

Mark Harmon & Lauren Holly- Google Search

Who knew the Naval Criminal Investigative Service could be so nuts!

NCIS. I wonder if she misses us as she left her fans because they would not meet her money demand. I lost all respect for her. I really liked her at one time .

Ziva - from the episode "Housekeeping" where she is telling EJ that she hopes to have a family someday, though that say seems increasingly distant. They toast their coffees "to someday".