Harry Potter- humanized/ anime version/ gijinka Row Ron, Harry, Hermonie and Ginny

Harry Potter anime! These are amazing!!!! i love how Draco swaggers while standing immobile

You're All So Very Tall

Harry Potter Manga ~ love all the character representations. I would be so happy if there was ever an official Harry Potter anime.

Harry Potter- OPPA CHIBI STYLE!! I have no clue who most of these are but they're so cute!!

Harry Potter Anime Fan Art this is so adorable aaaa

If Harry Potter was an Anime

Funny pictures about Harry Potter's Anime Version. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter's Anime Version. Also, Harry Potter's Anime Version photos.

The HPA Fantastic Tools and Where To Find Them Toolkit has more resources than a niffler has shiny things! http://www.thehpalliance.org/fandomforward Photo: art by @starshadowmagic

Newt and his niffler XD

Four Founders

hogwart's founders - Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor>>OMG this is amazing.

Harry Potter anime style

Harry Potter - Anime Vision Part 2 seriously someone make this for real! I would make it my life mission to watch all of it and fangirl excessively!

Wow harry potter and lotr my brain is going into nerd overload if they found a way to add magnito in there my brain would explode!

Hit it Gandalf! Harry Potter 'Thou shall not pass'. Actually, in the Lord of the rings book he says you can not pass.

Auror Potter, Ministey Worker Granger, Auror Weasley, Professor Longbottom, Chief Editor Lovegood, Chaser Weasley & Banker Malfoy

auror potter auror weasley ministry granger professor longbottem chaser weasley and banker malfoy

Severus Snape and Voldemort funny Harry potter comic

Funny pictures about What if Snape survived? Oh, and cool pics about What if Snape survived? Also, What if Snape survived?

Snaaaaaape. You are the bravest man I have known in my life...

Funny pictures about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Oh, and cool pics about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Also, The Seven Stages Of Denial photos.

DH: Finally by Forbis on deviantART

Hermione and Ron. ten million times the love story twilight was. I'm such a nerd.

I don't ship Drarry, but I really like the idea of Harry helping to save and redeem Draco

alekina: “He wants to laugh at the irony, he really does, as he lets Potter brand his arm and override the dark mark with a new one. ____________________________ (hey i managed to finish this just in time for valentine!) i’ve been listening to some.

Harry Potter: Potions class by ~mayanna

Harry Potter: Potions class by mayanna on deviantART <<Uhhhhhhhhh XD

The cast having fun

The cast having fun

"Harry potter world . pictures that make you think differently about Harry Potter" << THE MOVIE! A couple of funny pictures of the cast will never make me think differently about the books.

Newt and Niffler by natello-universe crampons de foot pas cher http://cramponsdefootdiscount.com

Hobby Tips And Advice Direct From The Experts

Newt Scamander and the niffler by natello-universe. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.