This is cute too but I think horizontal with reclaimed pallet wood is far cuter

This is cute too but I think horizontal with reclaimed pallet wood is far cuter

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Rustic, Modern, Reclaimed & Free: 13 DIY Pallet Projects

Accent Wall This is not your parents’ wood-paneled wall. The varying colors in found pallets are perfect for a rustic accent wall. this would be so cute for a laundry room accent wall!

I've always wanted exposed brick, but if my future home doesn't have it this is a super awesome alternative.

Love the pallet wall as a feature wall! :) diy home sweet home: 16 uses for recycled pallets

261631059572608092 nzzBjA0v Pallets wall art in floor wall roof  with Wall Pallets Art

Pallets Wall Art

261631059572608092 Pallets wall art in pallet wall with Pallets Wall Pallets Art

finally some truly gnarly (in the original sense of the word) wood used beautifully. i am very inspired, not for my kitchen (where it would be terrible), but in my nasty bedroom. & this is how obsessive I get over sources: I had to click and click and search and finally found the flickr set and this: -- not really any details on the wood or construction, but i get the idea.

Reclaimed Wood In Kitchens. Using pallet wood and other reclaimed/recycled woods to warm up a kitchen.

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The vise to the left is an old one, but it is still very similar to the ones that we use on our workbenches today. The concept is the same and works great, so if it aint broke…. Every work b…

my pallet project #1 ... I have several more projects but this one was super easy and fast!!!!

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