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I don’t agree w this . I’ll match loyalty, so if super loyal then yeah I will be too

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FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Sagittarius ? – Sagittarius Birthstones are turquoise and blue agate. What are Sagittarius birthstone colors?

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Full Infographic: Astrology Tarot Correspondences - Tarot Cards by Zodiac.Infographics about witchcraft, wicca, mysticism, magick, rituals, paganism, herbalism, spells, and the occult.

Astrology Tarot Correspondences - Your Tarot Cards by Zodiac Signs (Infographic)

Full Infographic: Astrology Tarot Correspondences - Tarot Cards by Zodiac. Art used from Golden Thread Tarot.

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lol, I'm on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn so I must be secretly helping myself go on a killing spree - AEMIAE