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Ахалтекинская - фотографии - equestrian.ru

Ахалтекинская - фотографии - equestrian.ru

El Dorado

Akhal-Teke horses are a national emblem of Turkmenistan. They are known for the natural metallic sheen of their coats. A tough and resilient breed with wonderful endurance, form, and grace.

Племенное хозяйство Гели - Гала

Племенное хозяйство Гели - Гала

Фотогалерея - Конный завод Dacor

Akhal Teke-Originated in Turkmenistan Some individuals carry a gene that gives their coat a metallic appearance.

An akhal teke horse from Turkmenistan, Very rare breed known for metalic shimmer of their coat. Name: Amuzghi (Polot – Aria) 2001 stallion, line El / Garayusup (Mangyt – Oprava), 2000 stallion, line Posman

Ghisarg (Gyaurs - Hiss) 2006 stallion, line Posman, Akhal-teke. Personally, I like a horse with a little color. This one looks like either albino or anemic.

Ахалтекинцы - Фотографии Лошадей Екатерины Друзь

An Akhal-Teke horse -- Photo by Ekatarina Druz. There's something about this photo that totally makes me think of the Thestrals, the skeletal invisible flying horses in "Harry Potter.