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Vinyl is my favorite background pony derpy is nothing compared to her.

Sweetie the Minecrafter

Sweetie the Minecrafter

My Little Brony - Friendship is Magic - my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Cheezburger

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I............BANANAS!!! Yay random! ( I don't know what I just did there!)

My Fanfic is RUINED!

Did something happen to them? Is she secretly Rainbow Dash's sister? Special 1 hour episode: Scootaloo's Secret WE NEED THIS

One was chrysalis so I don't think it counts (cadence)

A project that I'm currently working on that will show two different sides of the characters in Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust fyr.

Derps :(

Because it's been on my hard drive for literally months and I've put off uploading it for waaay too long. Here's my revamped Derpy Hooves poster! MLP - Two Sides of Derpy (REVAMPED)

friendship is nightmares : cadence by sockl on DeviantArt

I am Nightmare Cadence! I am the dark side of Cadence, and I cause trouble for everypony. I am the opposite of Cadence. Instead of spreading love, I spread hate.

View, download, comment, and rate this 1546x1063 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Wallpaper - Wallpaper Abyss

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wallpaper and Background

The Mane 6 Compliment Each Other Well

The Mane 6 Compliment Each Other Well

I just figured this out. Fluttershy is amity, rainbow dash is dauntless, twilight is erudite, rarity is abnegation , applejack is candor and pinkie pie is divergent