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Golden Tortoise Beetle Though it looks exceedingly pretty and jewel-like, this little beetle is actually incredibly metal. At just 5 to 8 millimetres long, the Golden Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella.

greenreblooming:  Tortoise beetle Cassidinae von Andreas Kay

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Escarabajos tortuga

the golden tortoise bug

Green tortoise beetle on leaf, Chrysomelidae family, Surinam

Green tortoise beetle on leaf, Chrysomelidae family, Surinam

Tortoise Beetle

When I suggested a tortoise beetle to upon her wish for a shiny colorful beetle I didn't knew what I was getting myself into.

Emerald Costa Rican Tortoise Beetle

emerald Costa Rican beetle Hi! I was wondering if you could help identify this beetle [.

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Tortoise Beetle - where's his face ?

Imperial Tortoise Shell beetle - other angles on the site

This looks like a hammered piece that's been enamelled with some rich blue and green Imperial Tortoise Beetle (Stolas imperialis) by Servio Monteiro, projectnoah

Palmetto Tortoise Beetles Hemisphaerota cyanea, photographed in Gainesville, Florida by Alex Wild

Beetles are older than the dinosaurs and contain more described species than any other order of insects.

beautiful golden tortoise beetle.

The Golden Tortoise Beetle - Generally found on North American morning glory leaves, these beautiful beetles come in a variety of colors, from lady bug-esque to metallic gold!

metallic looking tortoise beetles, Suriname

New Species Gallery: Expedition into Suriname's Jungles

A mating pair of tortoise beetles (Cyrtonota lateralis), named after the broad dorsal surface that covers and protects them like a tortoise shell.

Frans Lanting | Green tortoise beetle on a leaf (Chrysomelidae family) | Surinam

Frans Lanting | Green tortoise beetle on a leaf (Chrysomelidae family) | Surinam

This is called a green, tortoise shell beet.e Thank you Tonrulkens http://www.flickr.com/photos/47108884@N07/

Green tortoise beetle Family Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles, Coleoptera), possibly a member of the genus Basipta?

Tortoise beetle :)

Tortoise Beetle - my new favorite beetle!

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This might be the most glorious insect we've ever seen. Straight out of Brazil, meet the imperial tortoise beetle! Spotted by Project Noah Ranger and our "Beetle Man of Brazil," Sergio Monteiro Photographer: via Project Noah FB

schildhaantje boven by XKD, via Flickr

Tortoise Beetle - better than ladybugs!