Tienda de flores illustration

Creating components of a big picture like a flower shop window, small lino blocks of flower pots, vases, buckets with flowers in, and building up a print with all the images. Emma Block - the flower shop

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Screen prints by Alice Pattullo

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Screen prints by Alice Pattullo



The perfect inspiration. Think I could get this in a wallpaper? Oooh, or maybe a nice big rug... #myaltparty #altlovesmaurices

Bright Young Things 2011: Illustration and Print

Trend Bible : Hate To Say We Told You So: Libertine - This old-fashioned sweet shop giftwrap is fun and bang on trend & but not a patch on the fantastic Sweetie wallpaper by Trend Bible favourite, Kate Usher Surfaces, below!

Food and Drink Illustrations; Find Beverage, Nutrient Style Illustrators and Artist

According to the British Sandwich Association (BSA), the total weight of shop-bought sandwiches munched annually containing the most popular nine fillings comes to a whopping tons

ゆめかわいいの画像 プリ画像

ゆめかわいいの画像 プリ画像

Elise Gravel • Monsters • Illustration • Characters • cute • orange • red • kids

Elise Gravel monsters- create simplistic, child-like yet more grown up style of illustration I could be inspired by?

Minjung Kim, Predestination, 2012.

darksilenceinsuburbia: Minjung Kim Predestination Ink on rice paper 2012

Fina lámina los gatos y la ilustración cookies por kathrynselbert

Fine Art Print - Cats and Cookies Illustration