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true colors

True Colors What do your brand colors tell you about your business? And how unique are your brand colors? Do the colors evoke the consumer response you aimed for? This infographic brings you the insight.

[Web Design] Answers To Common Questions About Auto Repair *** Click image to read more details.

Carl DeTorres Graphic Design

I am unable to make anything out of the infographic above. More I peer at it, more am I confused. The chart shows the expenditure on R&D.

The 2010 Feltron Annual Report

The one, the only: the Feltron Annual Report. It’s a volume of personal-behavioral stats presented as corporate-style report complete with the kind of elegant info-graphics t…

Valentines day by numbers #Infographic

Valentine Infographic

5 Rules for Infographic Success

5 Rules for Infographic Success: The content experts at IQ want to help you turn data into easy-to-consume, shareable content. So they narrowed the process down to 5 simple steps.


Want to go to Lithuania? Check out this cool Infographic guide to Lithuania. Derby design studio Zazu created it and hopes you will find it useful when planing your trip to the north european country.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) continue to present a growing public health concern in countries all over the world; both industrialized and deve

Everday app by Ink Ration

Everday app

Designing a full-featured app for daily life management that will guarantee its users make the most of every day right away!