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Miner Boy: Children were cheap labor in the mines. This boy spent 10 hours a day in that outfit with only the light from that tallow wick lamp. He cleaned & played the part of a "canary" (kids were easier to replace than good miners). He was probably Finnish or Swedish & indentured to the company for the purpose of paying his fathers debts. The unions fought bloody battles to get these children out of the coal mines. This little guy worked (& likely died) in Utah or Colorado mines / Scott…

Miner Boy working in a coal mine… and kids think they have it tough today. Before the Child labor laws were put into effect.

Adorable Victorian couple

Funny pictures about Victorian photo booth. Oh, and cool pics about Victorian photo booth. Also, Victorian photo booth photos.

Gilded Age Italian Immigrants at, 5364 Mulberry Street, New York City c.1900

Gilded Age Italian Immigrants at, 5364 Mulberry Street, New York City

Chicago car elevator c. 1936

Vertical parking, This was an “elevator garage” in Chicago, 33 W. It held up to 48 cars. Workers simply drove into the elevator car, parked in their sky-high slots, then walked along the fire escape to their offices.

POCHOHANTUS and her son by John Rolfe, THOMAS | A Virginia Indian, notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She is the daughter of Powhatan, the paramount chief of a network of tributary tribal nations in the Tidewater region of Virginia. In a well-known historical anecdote, she is said to have saved the life of an Indian captive, Englishman John Smith.

Original Picture of Pocahontas; This famous Sedgeford portrait of Pocahontas & her son, Thomas Rolfe .

Telephone engineer in London, 1925.

Telephone engineer attaching the main telephone cable to a new support wire, Mayfair, London, 1925

Women Railworkers 1918

Women laborers seated on front of engine in rail road yard. Bush Terminal, Brooklyn, New York,

The Poor's Churchyard, Smithfield. c. 1877

Cloth Fair, next to Smithfield Market. You can see more pictures from the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London in The Ghosts of Old London and In Search of Relics of Old London.

5th Avenue between 116th & 117th Streets, NYC, 1893

Avenue between & Streets, NYC, 1893 Imagine how much the property underneath these hovels is worth today!

Broadway, looking south from Prince Street, NY, 1860-76

New York City, Broadway, looking south from Prince Street, New York, 1860 -

1941 Empire State. Taken from NJ using a homemade telephoto lens. Andreas Feininger photo. Lumas

New York City - Empire State Building, 1941 - by Andreas Feininger